The Future of Mobile & Tablets in 2018

Tablets and phones to be released in 2018

2017 saw an exciting year in mobile, what to expect in 2018:


Mac Books

Apple is set to release a new version of the Mac Pro. The rumours are that it could be called Mac Pro, priced at the current Mac prices. As well as this, there will be a USB-C Thunderbolt display. See the difference here.

Minor upgrades to the MacBook and MacBook Pro are expected too.


The latest iPhone models the iPhone 8 and iPhone X have been really popular choices for people upgrading their smartphone.

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The Android platform will continue to hit the mass market .

Brands like Samsung are set to release another model of their Galaxy devices – Samsung S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

These are set to dominate the mobile industry this year and have much superior results than Apple’s iPhone X. Click here for more information.

Gartner has suggested a forecast of a 34% market share for 2018 because of Google’s open handset alliance which includes companies like Google, Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson, T-Mobile, Motorola, Vodafone, Sprint, China mobile and other world leaders its future could be set to overtake Apple’s share of the market through lower cost devices.

Wearable mobile gadgets

Wearable computing has been around for a while but the over the last few years it’s been on the increase with a number of devices notably.

Apple plans to release the Watch Series 4 later this year after the huge success the Series 3 had at the end of 2017.

New features will include upgraded internals, new heart tracking modes and additional watch bands.

Tablets Galore

It’s clear in 2017 that there was only one tablet and that was the iPad. Google is looking to get on the same level as Apple by releasing a new tablet model – details to be revealed soon. Take a look at the best android tablets available.